Thomas Force, ESQ. Lobbies Against Bill Benefiting Elite Insurers

President of The Patriot Group, Thomas Force testified on Behalf of Out-of-Network Providers in New Jersey Senate

At the request of the Medical Society of New Jersey, Tom testified in opposition to the proposed bill that could have negatively impacted health care practices, before the Appropriations Committee at the New Jersey State House in Trenton, NJ.

“This is the kind of legislation that is being attempted in New Jersey and in several other states, pushed by the powerful health plan and insurer elites. I will be testifying for the NJ out-of-network providers in the State Senate in Trenton on Thursday.”

“We need to get the industry engaged to stop these type of laws that have the potential of destroying out-of-network reimbursements country-wide,” says Force.

According to Force, the bill had greater implications. Although NJ legislature may have thought this bill would have benefited patients, it would primarily have benefited health insurance providers. The passage of this bill could have reduced consumer choices and opportunities to receive the best medical care possible. It could’ve driven physicians out of New Jersey to other states such as New York, which accepts a Fair Health formula for out-of-network physicians and facilities.

“If passed, the law could result in a mass exodus of prominent out-of-network physicians,”

This bill had potential to effect health care practices nationwide.

If you are a physician or office manager and would like more information about how other potential laws/bills may impact your practice, please contact Tom and his team at The Patriot Group.

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