““When we switched our billing and revenue cycle management to The Patriot Group, we had a significant increase in collections. Our claims were filed timely, Patriot followed up on claims frequently and appealed no payments/low payments aggressively. The result is we now receive fair compensation for our services. The team is responsive to our requests and are great to work with. “”

Wayne Pratt, Founder, CEO
Arizona Sport & Spine Surgery Center, LLC

“I have been using Tom Force and his team at The Patriot Group for three years. Tom has represented me in a major insurance case and has done a fantastic job. Tom is one of the best attorneys I have every worked with. He is extremely hard working, dedicated, and professional. He is extremely knowledgeable is his field of practice and is one the best in the entire country. Tom believes in what he is doing, and will defend and represent his physicians and practices to the best of his ability. After three years we obtained an excellent, very favorable result. One of Tom greatest strengths is his accessibility. We frequently spoke over weekends and in the evening in order to move our case forward. I can’t thank Tom enough for all of his hard work and would strongly recommend him and his practice for insurance issues.”

Neil Jason Zemmel

“I have operated out-of-network practices for many years with a variety of partners and I have found The Patriot Group to be by far the most professional, hard-working, and sophisticated group I have ever worked with. They are of the highest quality in approach, customer service, and dedication and would be a critical asset to any medical company who is looking to increase their revenue in both the short and long term. They treat their clients like family and welcome new challenges in this ever-changing market by constantly preparing for the future and embracing changes as they come while maintaining excellence in customer service and collections. Partnering with The Patriot Group has more than doubled the revenue stream of our anesthesiology group in the first 6 months and they continue to deliver results month after month. I would highly recommend the Patriot group without hesitation as they continually pursue perfection in all aspects of their company while already performing as the market leaders in the field.”

Joseph Morris DO
Medical Director/Managing Partner of East Valley Anesthesia

“Insurance companies are big , powerful and have deep pockets. They often bully, intimidate and strong arm clinics into paying large sums of money as the result of one sided post payment audits.

However, Tom, The Patriot Group and their in-house law firm will not let the insurance companies push you around.
Having previously worked for an insurance company, Tom knows how they operate and understands what makes them tick. He is always on the job, easily accessible, and makes me feel as if my case is the only one he’s working on.

Their entire team is determined, persistent and thorough.

Thank goodness that Tom Force and The Patriot Group are on our side!

Dr . Raj Gupta, Owner
Garden State Spine & Pain Institute, LLC

“Tom Force and Patriot Group have been instrumental to the growth of my practice.

They are true advocates of both physicians and patients at a time when no such industry advocates can be found. Tom and his staff have been instrumental in increas ing practice revenue without compromising patient volume.

The Patriot Group team possesses a profound understanding of how to navigate through the complexities of health insurance claims in order to get them paid quickly and at appropriate rates. His services are a g reat asset to the medical field . This has allowed me to spend more t ime focusing on patient care knowing he is getting the job done.

He has my highest recommendation.”

James Bruno, MD

“The Patriot Group and its owner and President, Thomas Force, Esq., are truly the best appeals specialists that I have ever encountered in the industry.

Tom and his staff at the Patriot Group employ very unique, creative “legal” tactics to win appeals for our practice. His company is supported by a full service law firm, The Force Law Firm, PC, and he frequently uses legal attorney appeal letters and the civil complaint process to get the desired result.

His efforts have recovered hundreds of thousands of dollars of otherwise lost revenue for our practice. Tom and The Patriot Group get my highest recommendation.”

Gerald Palermo, Director
Long Island Eye Surgical Centers

“Tom, bar none, you offer the best service in the country.

As far as I know, yours is the only one-stop-shop for all issues related to billing.

From your 24/7 availability, advice and guidancee on all legal issues regarding billing, and solid support from other experts I would recommend your group 1000x over.

I can’t say enough positive things about The Patriot Group. Feel free to give out my cell phone to any potential clients.”

Joseph Talarico, MD
Victor Surgical Care