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Past-Due Receivables Services

Past-Due Receivables Services

Timely Collection of Accounts Receivables

Every health care organization depends upon the timely collection of accounts receivables to expedite cash flow and maintain good financial health. The Patriot Group’s past-due receivables follow-up services are designed to increase cash, reduce write-offs and speed up collections.

The Patriot Group Difference

The Patriot Group uses the latest technology to manage accounts, providing a variety of options such as performing insurance follow-ups on accounts of any age for one or more financial classes or any combination of accounts based on the individual healthcare organization’s needs. We also have a proprietary database that can send thousands of ERISA and NON-ERISA appeals on attorney letterhead at the push of a button

The Patriot Group maintains an experienced staff of attorneys and an in-house law firm to assist its clients in recovering denied or unpaid health claims. The Patriot Group understands the numerous preconditions to commencing litigation against health plans such as the requirement to exhaust administrative remedies. Therefore, in addition to recovering lost revenue for Patriot Group clients, they ensure that all claims assigned are prepped and ready for litigation if requested by the client.


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Insurance Claims And Appeals

All too often, insurance companies find ways to avoid or delay payment for legitimate medical claims. As a result, physicians, and other health care professionals often write off otherwise collectible debt rather than wage a long and expensive battle to appeal the insurance company’s decision.

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Day One Billing Services

The Patriot Group can step into an individual, mid-sized or large practice, hospital, ambulatory surgery center or other healthcare facility and provide fast, friendly and affordable billing options that combine each physician’s or hospital’s credit and collection policies with a patient-centric focus that results in higher recovery rates and increased patient satisfaction.

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Collection of Patient Balances

The Patriot Group’s is a licensed debt collector in over a dozens states. Its collection agency services provide healthcare organizations advanced technology and customer service that ensures patients have a clear understanding of their financial obligations to the healthcare practitioners that provide them care.

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