As a state and federally licensed attorney in both New Jersey and New York, a former U.S. Marine, Mr. Force has over 34 years of experience in the healthcare and insurance industries. His success as a Wall Street insurance litigator and his tenure as General Counsel for a New York-based Accident and Health Insurance Company where he served as Chief Compliance Officer propelled the founding of The Patriot Group.

Mr. Force is nationally recognized as an expert in revenue collection techniques, appeal strategies and healthcare compliance.

Mr. Force is on the Advisory Board at Hunter Business School, a New York-based school for medical billing and coding students.

Mr. Force remains an active member and frequent speaker on managed care and collection techniques for the Health Finance Management Association, several state medical associations and other healthcare organizations.

Thomas J. Force, J.D, Esq, President of The Patriot Group, has been selected by the Health Finance Management Association – Metropolitan Section to serve as moderator for its forum on Clinical Denial Management at Hofstra University on March 29th 2022. Please email Mr. Force anyone that wants more information on this forum.


Michele Force has over 30 years of experience as a Senior Executive in Operations, Sales and Customer Service for a West-Coast 3,000+ person technology company focused on the insurance industry. She has worked with some of the largest insurance organizations in the country and has developed extensive experience in technology infrastructure, and techniques to increase client profitability. As a result, Mrs. Force has developed significant high-level contacts at various insurance companies and other insurance-related organizations.

Mrs. Force is a very polished, and experienced senior executive. She generally manages day-to-day activities and client interface while spearheading technology initiatives within The Patriot Group. “As Chief Executive Officer, I believe what matters most are the relationships we build with our clients. My team strives to deeply understand our client’s goals, problems and needs. The better we understand the dynamics of their practice, the better we can help them maximize revenue. Our goal is their long-term success. We can help our clients succeed by being a trusted, loyal partner who ensures they get the most dedicated and passionate team working for them.”

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