We will follow up promptly on every claim to ensure fain and prompt payment by health insurers and government payors.

We will appeal every denied claim (or under-reimbursed claim) regardless of value of service where we believe coverage is.

We will file first and second appeals where necessary and pursue appeals via litigation, regulatory complaint or external appeal where warranted.

We will pursue payment of uncovered services, deductibles and coinsurace form patients to ensure prompt payment of such patient responsibilities, and in full compliance with state and federal debt collection laws.

We will partner you and your staff to craft policies and procedures geared toward increasing revenue for your practice or department, while keeping you in full compliance with the law.

We will always serve as your greatest advocate with the various insurance plans and payors, always promoting the interest of your patients and practice.

We will be available to you, your staff and patients seven (7) days a week, 24-7.

We will only employ the “best in business” staff to meet your needs.