Patient Collections

The Patriot Group is a licensed debt collector in over a dozen states. Its collection agency services provide healthcare organizations advanced technology and customer service that ensures patients have a clear understanding of their financial obligations to the healthcare practitioners that provide them care.

The Patriot Group has a complete suite of patient and other forms necessary to ensure that the practice can recovery revenue quickly and efficiently. The Patriot Group searches through extensive data to identify those accounts that are least likely to pay, resulting in higher recoveries through various solutions including skip tracing, bankruptcy reviews, insurance identification and verification, credit bureau reporting and various legal options.

The Patriot Group’s protocols are compliant with both FDCPA and HIPAA regulations, and The Patriot Group is a licensed debt collection agency (but not in all states). The Patriot Group will assist its clients to create effective charity care policies and revise authorization and assignment of

Someone paying for their medical invoice on the computer