Out-of-Network Providers Waiving Patient Cost Share

As many of you are aware, waiver of patient cost share obligation, such as deductibles and coinsurance, can...

Letter to Patriot OON Clients about Fee Forgiveness

Download PDF To:                The Patriot Group Clients From:           Thomas J. Force, J.D., Esq. Date:             July 2, 2020 Re:               ...

Making Waives: Dangers Of Ignoring Co-payment And Co-Insurance Regulations

Do Not Waive Co-Payments & Co-Insurance In today’s environment, out-of-network health care providers are making the mistake of...

Disgorgement for Denial of ERISA Benefits: Awards Above Plan Benefit Amount

ERISA Issues Affecting Practices Nationwide By Thomas J. Force, Esq. & Giulia Palermo, Esq. The Force Law Firm,...

U.S. Court In NY Permits ERISA Claims Against Alleged Plan Administrator

Haag v. MVP Health Care, No. 1:12-CV-536 (N.D.N.Y. June 6, 2012) On June 6, 2012 the U.S. District...

9 Tips to Receive Payment for Medical Claims Fairly and Quickly

Leveling the Playing Field! By Thomas J. Force, Esq., President, The Patriot Group Most physicians and healthcare administrators...

Out-of-Network Reimbursement: Don’t Expect Insurers to Do the Right Thing

Under-Reimbursement Of Out-Of-Network Claims Former New York Attorney General and current Gov. Andrew Cuomo early in 2008 conducted...

Recoupment & Fee Forgiveness: How to Respond to an Insurer’s Refund Request

Recoupment & Fee Forgiveness: How to Respond to an Insurer’s Refund Request What you should do to combat...

The Importance of Disclosures for the Out-of-Network Physician

How to protect yourself from compliance, the rise of audits & common fraud schemes [Putting it into Practice...
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