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The Patriot Group offers both in-network and out-of-network physicians and healthcare facilities a comprehensive, cost-effective back-end solution to their client’s revenue recovery and compliance needs.The Patriot Group’s clients include hospitals, physician practices, general practitioners, urgent care centers and ambulatory surgery centers. They are founded and managed by a healthcare attorney and supported by an in-house law firm.

Most practitioners studied medicine, not business or law. These medical practitioners must deal with compliance issues, credentialing issues, billing, audits, revenue shortfalls, book keeping, bad debt, and payment battles with insurance companies. With only so little hours in the day and so much revenue needed to cover operations, many health care practitioners find themselves in a bind and end up leaving money on the table that they don’t have the time to recover. 

Typical Billing Organizations are unfamiliar with laws and regulations that health plans are required to comply with.

These laws and regulations are designed to hold the various health plans accountable, and mandate quick and accurate reimbursement of medical claims. This is especially true for out-of-network practices.  Ignorance of the law not only impacts recovery, but also opens the practice up to audits and fraud investigations. These type of health plan actions could cripple if not entirely sink a practice. That’s where the Patriot Group comes in, offering its clients a one-stop solution to their financial management needs or the option of hiring the company to provide these services la carte.  Health Plan communication and contact is only done through the company’s in-house law firm, The Force Law Firm, P.C..

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